About us

Hi my name is Giovanni Carlo P Bagayas my friends call me “bunny” or “Gio.

Like most people, I was an amateur gardener but that wasn’t good enough for me.

I wanted to know more and learn from the experts. This is why I have befriended the experts, read gardening books and articles online and watch gardening youtube videos so they can help me and now they can help you.

Here at Organicgrdeningsuccess.com, my aim is to research into many different areas of gardening and farming and find the expert and get them to help us all.

I don’t and will never claim to be the expert. I am just an ordinary “plantitos” and “plantitas” same as you that is trying to build a global gardening community, where we can all share and care and grow a beautiful gardens.

I am also a fish keeper. I specialize in breeding koi fish I enjoyed building a recycled materials to build my koi pond

I breed koi fish and other fishes too like guppies, goldfish, danios, barbs cichlids etc

I am a fish vlogger too you can Subscribe my Youtube Channel here

Warm Regards,

Giovanni Carlo P Bagayas